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What is Honor?

January 28, 2014
By TheoBV SILVER, Pound Ridge, New York
TheoBV SILVER, Pound Ridge, New York
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Honor may be a curse.
Honor may be a gift.
But what is it really?

Is it to wake a defenseless sleeper
Even if when he faces you directly, you lose and he spares your life
So you are brave?

Is it to obey your better,
Even if he asks you to give him your life,
So you are obedient?

Is it to defend your parent,
Even if the parent is cruel and evil,
So you are loyal?

Is it to keep your oath,
Even if you learn the oath binds you to malevolence,
So you are dependable?

Does honor even exist?
Is it merely just some combination of other virtues,
That we are to lazy to list out,
And so we condense into a two syllable word,
As vague as the right and wrong it defines?

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece while asking myself what is Honor. After having first thought about whether honor is helpful or harmful, I decided that I should at least question what honor is, although I admit I failed to define it.

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