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My Brother

October 31, 2013
By claudia hyman BRONZE, South Orange, New Jersey
claudia hyman BRONZE, South Orange, New Jersey
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My brother
Never held my hand.
He held my wrist.

He held it firmly
And when I looked up at him
That first time,
To see if he was joking
I realized he wasn’t.

So I went along with it
And didn’t question him
Until one hot and sticky summer day
In the midst of the chaos of Manhattan
I held my brothers hand.

He let go,
And held my wrist.
This time I asked him why
And he answered quickly,
As if he had thought about this many times
“This way, you won’t let go.”

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece to convey the complicated, somewhat controlling, yet loving relationship that my brother and I have. Understanding his protective nature was difficult when I was younger, but as i grew older I understood more and more about him- and attempted to convey his many layers in this poem.

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