And again,
he lets the fiberglass pieces tear his skin
and sanctions the high to flow in
the nostalgic inebriation burns his lips like brail
a lover has returned.
Slowly, She kisses his lips,
manipulating his senses until he is shielded from the world
and She has become the center only which he sees.
She whispers into his ear,
pain and pleasure hasten to tease him,
like the rush of a car before the crash.
They plead him not to do it,
She laughs as he ponders
and reminds him of all he will lose.
The bite becomes stronger,
he’s abandoned on an endless train of Cirque Du Soleil,
he watches the fear burn in the eyes of the crowd
will the trick go right again tonight?
She dissolves into a roar
suspense dances on him like a tightrope
before her very eyes
She feeds on the excitement
and trills as the demons fill up inside of him,
looking for an escape in a tunnel-less mine
For a moment he can pulls himself out of her embrace,
his hand gently slides through his girlfriend’s hair,
he grins, a gentle blush fills his cheek
He is happy, he is free.
She looks with utter jealously.
Say goodbye, she laughs.

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