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Putting Myself Back Together Again

September 2, 2013
By Born2BAWriter BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
Born2BAWriter BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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If you have a dream you have got to grab it and never let go.

Tornadoes are swirling in my mind,
thoughts of evil things,
dying and desperate,
screaming out in despair the language known of words only like sorrow and death
Mess and pieces
Broken and shattered
Living fragments crawling on the floor
Searching for a kin, so latch onto to become whole again
Darkness that has a teasing light
Of damnation
Fires scorch my throat
The breeze rips away the skin from my face
My mouth is an O of screaming
The crows are beating their wings on the edges of my heart
The sun is in my brain, burning me from the inside out
I am one and a million at the same time
Forces tug and rip and pull and tear
I scream without relief
I die without pain
And wake up dead with unbearable, living pain
I am dead and alive
I am silent and I am screaming
I am so many things I am not
Your words defined me
But I will not let them any longer
I’m ripping out my mind
Getting a brand new one made of clouds
Staying in the crystal clearness
The wholeness
Staying with the doves
I put myself back together
With new pieces
And I live
And my words
MY words are the ones I remember
Not your words
Made with dirt and spit and foaming saliva
But my words
Made with songs and new beginnings
And its not your words who break me
Its my words who make me
Singing with me all the way up into the sky

The author's comments:
Words can do evil things, they can tear you apart. But you have to hold onto the living fragments and put yourself back together again, with your OWN words. :)

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