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Age: 18

July 5, 2013
By ALenny GOLD, Melbourne, Other
ALenny GOLD, Melbourne, Other
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Colour my life with the chaos of trouble.

Today was my birthday.
18 and legally an adult.
18 and never been drunk.
18 and never had drugs.
18 and never failed a test.
18 and never done an 'all nighter'.
18 and never eaten ice cream from the tub.
18 and never had sex.
18 and never been clubbing.
18 and never had detention.
18 and never snuck out.
18 with prospects.
18 with a respectable future planned.
18 with great grades.
18 with a good relationship with parents.
18 and bored.
18 and frustrated.
18 and tired of acting so damn perfect.
Today was my birthday, nobody cared, not even me.

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Zolenz DIAMOND said...
on Jul. 10 2013 at 2:11 pm
Zolenz DIAMOND, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS, Other
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The pain that have cost us, the evils which have never happened.
- Thomas Jefferson

I can see where your coming from and I feel the same way. I was always so shy, and tried to be perfect, but im learning to have fun. To live life the best we can. So what if were perfect or close if were not enjoying it. Never had a fight, never took flight. Can you check out some of my stuff?