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Me With You

July 1, 2013
By MadelineSwift PLATINUM, Katy, Texas
MadelineSwift PLATINUM, Katy, Texas
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I lay here in the darkness.
I lie in the suffocating stillness of my bedroom,
with only
my thoughts
of you.

I cannot breathe.
I reach for the dusty white fan on my tall oak dresser.
Blades whir,
winds blow.
Now dreams
of you.

Unable to sleep I dream without dreams.
Piece by piece I articulate each movement:
perfect time,
perfect place,
perfect words,
perfect you.

Swimming in my subconscious I conjugate what I would say to you.
I wish ever so deeply for what you would say to me.
small me.
Lighted hope.
Glowing you.

As my final ode to you, the one I love, I write them down on paper and hope the will come true.
I hope that my unrelenting begging will make it be so.
Missing keys.
Found locks.
You with me.
Me with you.

The author's comments:
I thought of this while lying in bed one night, figuring that the darkness of being alone at night gives every one a little too much time to think, especially when there's someone special.

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on Jul. 7 2013 at 6:24 pm
MadelineSwift PLATINUM, Katy, Texas
21 articles 0 photos 11 comments
Thank you so much!

sarah98 BRONZE said...
on Jul. 7 2013 at 4:43 pm
sarah98 BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
It is better to write for yourself and have no audience than write for your audience and have no self.

i know how you feel! when i'm half asleep i make up scenarios in my head. non of which come true, of course....  Fantastic work though!!