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The Hollow Crown

June 25, 2013
By TheHuntress BRONZE, Konstancin- Jeziorna, Other
TheHuntress BRONZE, Konstancin- Jeziorna, Other
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I found a large tiara
Painted gold with plastic jewels
As a little girl i wanted
To reign with my own rules

I pranced around in my pink dress
Parading in high-heels
A smile plastered on my face
As a princess always seals

I wanted to be perfect
In every single way
From each strand of golden hair
To each syllable I'd say

I flattered teachers with sweet poems
Doted friends with sparkling gems
I read the library's whole collection
And painted pictures of the Thames

I learned each waltz on the piano
Rode the tallest horse of all
I would climb atop a table
When the dance floor was too small

In the classroom, on the stage
Every party - Everywhere
I built myself a throne
All desires mounted there

But I never did expect
The seat would feel so wide
The throne so broad and empty
hungrily swallowed me inside

Where was my Prince Charming?
To lead me through the dance
Stolen by my loving friends
I was left without a chance

Thus, alone I tried to play
An entrancing melody
But my graceful fingers slipped
Piano falling out of key

Next, I tried to fight
I was stronger, I was quick
Yet my heels broke as I moved
My dress tearing with each kick

In despair, I turned to see
The jagged edges of the crown
Chipped upon my head
My gold hair darkened brown

I was perfect wasn't I?
I climbed up to the top
I'm left without an ounce of strength
To fight as I now drop

I chose the wrong tiara
I'm casting it away
I'm free to start again
With new colours to display

But I've a problem now you see
Although it's lonely at the top
Everyone still keeps climbing
I can't get them to stop

Many will never get there
No matter how they try
And those that do will find
The huge hollows in the sky

I yell, I shout, I wave, I plead
I try to save them all in vain
I'm left choking on their dusty laughs
Desolate all the same

I'll swim against the current
Crashing waves of loneliness
As I sink into the swarming sea
I drown in emptiness

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