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My Walk with God

May 22, 2013
By Vanessa18 PLATINUM, Berwyn, Illinois
Vanessa18 PLATINUM, Berwyn, Illinois
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It will soon be 3 months since I've been in the Kingdom. I'm not sure what to think about it. I know I have came a long way, but I'm still growing. I still have a lot more to learn and change. I don't know my full purpose in the Kingdom yet, but I'm sure I will know soon. I didn't think I would be fruitful so fast in the Kingdom, but I'm grateful. I'm happy I didn't give up on trying to reach out to him and neither did the brothers who studied with him. I'm grateful to be in the Kingdom. To be able to have more brothers and sisters spiritually. Having more people wanting to help me, people wanting to know if I'm okay, a bigger family, and much more. It almost doesn't seem real at times. There are times it feels like a dream. The love people show to one another in the Kingdom of God is much different from what others say what love is that are in the world. If it is love then it would last forever, not just for a moment. You wouldn't feel angry, depressed, sad, nor alone most of the time. You would feel happy and rejoice always. I didn't always use to feel happy awhile ago because what I thought was love and happiness wasn't real; only for a moment. Now that I'm starting over again trying to make my life the way it should be has been better. It's not perfect and I still make mistakes, but it's a better road for me. I have more help now than I did before. I will always have my physical family, but now I also have a spiritual family along with God by my side watching over me as I take this long life journey.

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