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take me away

May 28, 2013
By Emilymilly8 PLATINUM, England, Other
Emilymilly8 PLATINUM, England, Other
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"to love is to destroy, to be loved is to be the one destroyed" - valentine city of bones

a game of poison darts,
sends connections through our veins.
a pulse that began in our hearts,
turns our depression of at the mains.

makes faces glisten,
as eyes meet over lakes.
and our ears will listen,
and ridden all mistakes.

with wake up greetings,
and evening dreams.
forget all our home beatings,
that tore us from our seams.

miss me when im gone,
wonder where to look.
a call of a suicide song,
as memories get caught on a hook.

craving for attention,
make up any excuse.
anything you can mention,
let all emotions loose.

know not to worry,
countdown to my return.
word mistakes make us feel sorry,
and cause hearts to twist and turn.

dont want to have to understand,
cant bare the waiting.
the thought of where I'll land,
distance makes us fading.

secrets come free,
that i wish i could thank for.
i only wish you could see,
i love you from hearts core.

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