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Silenced with a last 'goodbye'

May 11, 2013
By AnnieLovesMusic SILVER, Jeffreys Bay, Other
AnnieLovesMusic SILVER, Jeffreys Bay, Other
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Red and blue, red and blue,
Flashing ’cross the sky
Sirens pierce the air
Like silent blades made of ice

Shattered windows
Shallow breathing
Can’t seem to feel my tears
Except this raging storm that grips my heart

“Never leave me”
“I won’t”
“Do you love me?”
Silenced with a kiss
How could we now that this would happen?
How could we know that something so beautiful could end like this?

If only time could change its path
Take back those fateful seconds
Remember our two hands entwined
Like the vines on a tree?
Now it’s all been torn, been broken, been ripped apart..
Just because you couldn’t find the key

Wheels tearing ‘cross that pavement
The squeal of tires
Our anguished cries
And our last goodbyes

This is my story no none else’s
You can’t change it, can’t erase it
But before you close your eyes
I’ll whisper these words
“Never leave me”
“Do you love me?”
Silenced with a last goodbye

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