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December Ashes

May 1, 2013
By Wild_Rebel_Rose DIAMOND, Somerset, Wisconsin
Wild_Rebel_Rose DIAMOND, Somerset, Wisconsin
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Be who you are, and say what you feel, becuase those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
-Dr. Seuss

People called me cold, but couldn't I blame the snow?
If it had never fallen then I never would've known. &
December never left me so nervous for a new year
Last December wasn't like this, I didn't even feel fear
Now fear is all we know
But that isn't the point I guess
Can't blame it on the wilderness
When you've been living in this place for days,
See that haze? It drives me crazy.
Makes me restless for the future
But lonely for the past
Which is pointless, ...
We know we're never going back.

{Sweet revival}, back to this s#!& hole again
We're friendly to the strangers while |patronizing| friends
Just to feel good
For an hour or two
& that's worth it for us?
That's all it takes, it's enough
To feel loved, and happy, and strong
But lonely just the same
Same old stupid games we play
With ourselves.
They need our help
Almost just as much as us.
We're all so dangerous. Stay away from us.
Cuz you might burn
And we can't blame it on the rain
Cuz that might wash away the pain
And that's insane.
Don't think that way.
The pain needs to stay.
To make us remember.

Your mind plays tricks on you this time of night
Just close your eyes and hold that girl tight
And let the world slow down til you don't have to hold on anymore
And leave the keys and lock the door and walk away
Just like you said you'd do someday.

What direction are you facing anymore?
The shadows fall and you're reaching for the floor
To find the ashes that you dropped,..
..Drifting? Ashes can't be caught.

Strange to see you, dear.
You're out of luck, here.
Don't fall asleep anywhere near the place I rest my head
Cuz we've been through this
And yes, maybe we both bleed red
But I dream in black
Wrap your head around that
And close your eyes.
And say goodbye
To me, and to this just as much
That we raised our drinks to love
Cuz that was days ago.
Months ago...
Years ago.

Enough about us.
Close this book, Feel the dust
Burn the edges..
That will illustrate how rough
it really was.

Just remember
We'll question this when we awaken.

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