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April 10, 2013
By lil.awol ELITE, Independence, Missouri
lil.awol ELITE, Independence, Missouri
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"there's a darkness upon me that's flooded in light, and i'm frightened by those that don't see it" ~the avett brothers, head full of doubt

we might see each other again
after the day is over
maybe i'll have you
walk me to my car
and you'll hug me goodbye
as we draw apart
i'll pull you closer
i'd say
kiss me
you'd ask me why
then i'd say why not
so you'd lean in
i'll stand on my tip toes
to reach you
and our lips will meet
it'll be a sweet kiss
full of passion
because i've never stopped
wanting you
you'll realize
how much you miss me
we'll be together again
picking up where we left off
i'll come home with you
and your little brother and sister
will yell my name
and i'll say hi
with a big smile
and pick them up in a hug
your mom will say
it's nice to see you again
and your dad will laugh
in his accent he'll say hello
and you'll put your arm around me
look down at me and smile
saying the words i've longed to hear
i love you

The author's comments:
its been so long without you
but now you just keep reminding me
how much i've missed you
and that i still want you back

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