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January 24, 2013
By jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
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I fear a moment of clarity
like a red light at midnight
or a green light at dawn

I fear the unexpected,
the immense uncertainty of the universe
the lack of knowledge in my brain

I fear the useless, the meaningless
Concerning myself with the minuscule and
the explicitly unimportant

I fear an impeccable darkness
A somber quake of existence
that haunts the glow of light and extinguishes the flame

I fear the horizon,
where the abundance of sky blends into the
scarcity of land, swallowing it, consuming it

I fear containment,
the lack of highways, deserts,
and never ending ocean

I fear nothingness,
i fear the emptiness of existence, the hollowness of life,
the echo of myself, and the silence of others

I fear abandonment, not loneliness or isolation,
but the absence of feelings, the vacancy of
strength, hope, honor

I fear a continuation, a life without an end
A world without expulsion, an endless flow
of meaning, void of expiration

I fear myself, i fear the power within me
that shakes and moves my core, i fear
the cruelty of my heart
the pain and passion which inevitably,
mixes into one

I fear the unknown inside my soul,
the realization of the confusion,
the truth of my ignorance

I fear the fearful, and the indecency of fright
I fear the consumption of life, the agony of
sight with lack of control

But in perspective, I fear nothing.

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