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Legend of an African Fiend

December 11, 2012
By writing-is-write SILVER, Beverly Hills, California
writing-is-write SILVER, Beverly Hills, California
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Behind their silent faces
Flashes of memory
Drain their innocence

Arising corruption
Etch layers of horror
In their mind

Through a dusty haze
A woman sits
A thin rug hanging from her bony shoulders

A shriveled child
Long past dead,
In the woman’s tight arms

Dark fly-infested skin
Hollowed cheeked
Stiff as a shield

The woman, catatonic
Her milky glazed eyes
Faded, drained of everything

The wind slowly cradling them both

The author's comments:
I wrote this after reading something on this site about children soldiers actually. I found the concept really interesting. Though my topic is much different then children soldiers mindlessly fighting and mutilating their own families, this poem became to be the story of what those child soldiers left behind
I really hope you enjoy :)

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