Trust Issues

I am a girl.
A girl in a lonely world.
It's hard.
Harder Than you'd Think.

I am 13.
I am not very liked.
I have one real friend.
The rest are people I talk to.

Just because They talk to me,
doesn't mean They are my friends.
Many people seem to confuse The two.

A friend would not make hurtful jokes about me.
A friend would not laugh at me, but wiTh me.
A friend would not leave my side.
A friend would not join in The ridicule.
A friend would not make me feel bad.
A friend would not make jokes about me.

My real friend is There for me.
She tells me I am beautiful when no one will.
She makes me feel special.
She makes me feel like I mean someThing.
My dreams, she encourages.
Her dreams, I encourage.
She consoles me when I am hurting.
I trust her, she trusts me.

It took me quite a few years to trust her.
We knew each oTher since kindergarten.
It took me until 7th grade to trust her.
My trust issues are bad.
She has kept secrets I've told her in 1st grade.
I had no reason not to trust her.

But that's just me.
Broken too many times.
Never will I disown her.
She is my best friend.
Always have, always will be.

I will always have trust issues, but I will always trust her. She and I will take each other's secrets to our graves, atleast as far as I am concerned.

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