chaos in an unforgiving world. part one

The simple quiet silence cuts through two people,
Facing each other and nothing else…
No words are spoken, no slight touches,
Just the quiet, the silent exchange of understanding, that both parties are responsible, that their worlds have both been forever changed.

First it starts with a single glance, that glance that cuts your heart in two,
Then it takes over. You smile. And they smiled too…
For years you’ve hidden in the shadows and now you realize that it could be time to come out, time to see the sun. Alas you know not what yet is to come, what is to pass, in this unforgiving world…

A year of time in the blink of an eye, in the blink of an eye, passed a year of time.
Still you wonder what if? Was that a “spark” between two people or just some strange connection?
You still think of them, yet do they think of you? Do they also realize that they are at fault?
And this, this is where the chaos sets in. in this unforgiving world that we humans call home, this is life.

You told them, you told them and they decided to wait, so you waited it through thinking that maybe it will blow over MAYBE I’ll get through. Past the stares, the looks, past the hundreds of people in the halls with their books, maybe just maybe everything will be alright…

Regret. Sorrow. Fear. Punishment.
Shocked to your core, you never forgot that feeling of awe that maybe, maybe someone cared….
But my friend, my dear reader, the story is not over yet, for a tale to tell is none to forget.

And to forget this tale, is to sacrifice your heart.

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