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That's Why Im Writing This Poem Now

December 1, 2012
By Mr.Poetman PLATINUM, Union City, Indiana
Mr.Poetman PLATINUM, Union City, Indiana
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We both know that we have been through a lot together
And we both wish that it would last forever
You’re always the highlight of my day
Even if you don’t know it

I want you to believe me when I say
That I really do love you even if I don’t tend to show it
I want you to know that you are my soul mate, my one true love
I’m happy to be with you and I pray to god above
That we’ll always have each other
And spend an eternity together
Sabrina, I know I’ve done you wrong
I messed up the beat to our love song
I can say that it’s honestly all my fault
The relationship we have now is the result
I also know that I really don’t talk that much
But I really do love you and I yearn for your touch
I long to spend my remaining days with you by my side
I’m sorry for all the times that I’ve lied
It will never ever happen again
I hope that you’ll still love me
An still be my friend
I promise you that I’ll try my hardest
To make you happy until the end
I also want you to know that I really am committing to you
I would try to show it, I just have no idea how to
I am really sorry for it too
I hate the fact that I literally can’t open up
I just wish it would stop
I would talk to you if I only knew how
So that’s why I’m writing this poem now

The author's comments:
My and my girlfriend are going through some hard times. I can't seem to verbally express how i feel so this is how i get my points across :)

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on Dec. 18 2012 at 12:09 pm
Shadowpomgurl PLATINUM, Canton, New York
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awwwwww...! *cries too* ok, 5/5!  SHOW HER THIS POEM IF U HAVENT ALREADY!!!!!

on Dec. 9 2012 at 9:23 pm
everybody-needs-some-body-to-love, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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sniff im srry i cant help it im a cryer tht truly beautiful ,

on Dec. 2 2012 at 9:51 pm
Padoodallee GOLD, Haven, Kansas
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Sometimes writing really does help me to say what I can't say out loud. I hope you get brave enough to tell her how you feel.