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I've Never

October 19, 2012
By hollowfirefly PLATINUM, Tampa, Florida
hollowfirefly PLATINUM, Tampa, Florida
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I've never broken a heart
For I've never had any one's heart in my hands.
I've never kissed in the rain
For I've had no one to kiss.
I've never been to a wedding
For I've known no one who is to be wed.
I have felt a heartbreak
When you hung my heart on a noose.
I've only imagined a kiss in the rain
Only with you.
I've dreamt of our wedding day
Me in white, you in black.
But nothing hurts me more to know
That you will never love me back.

The author's comments:
I came up with this one day. I'm pretty good with writing about unrequited love, partly because I know what it's like. Enjoy!

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