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September 30, 2012
By mcoughs2468 PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
mcoughs2468 PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
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He smiles and she cries
But not in pain or grief
But with her vision, blurred
Came a deep sense of relief

Each word that he whispers
Is just another monarch
They flutter inside her
It's like breathing underwater

Surreal and impossible
Yet her gaze was fixed
Those pearly eyes in awe
As he rolled his sleeves and grinned

It was a frozen fairytale
As they hurried through the snow
The pause as he twisted the key

His news was bittersweet
The pain was wretched
But her chest became aflame
With hope and satisfaction

She's a blind fool, nieve
Too childish to see
How marvelous he was
And so casually, he was released

Just like that,
She let him go
Not like a child off to college,
or a mother to Heaven's door

But a diseased one's dream of relief
Simple. Exact. Easy.
Nothing lost in his exit
But she new not

of the spark he had
the change he'd install
in this condescending world
Oblivious to his beauty
She didn't see it leave

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