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Slaved Away

August 23, 2012
By Chibi_Danni PLATINUM, Melbourne, Florida
Chibi_Danni PLATINUM, Melbourne, Florida
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I thought I was the queen-
ruler of mineself,

none could have me:
for, I could only have my own person.

I kept away from people,
leaving them at the doorway-

of my heart;
sheltering myself from-
backstabbing words

and prying eyes.

I was fine,
in my own perfect world;
happily derived of any

form of relationship.

Then like a bolt out of the blue,
he came:

the sovergein of my heart;
easily, he slid past my gaurds,

and took the throne,
when I wasn't looking.

And now,
I'm bound: a slave,

to every whim of the king,
now, he owns the person,

I fought to keep to myself:


My world;

isn't mine anymore,
I love him.

The author's comments:
'Nuff Said, I believe.

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