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dark love

April 13, 2012
By Amarithie PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
Amarithie PLATINUM, Ocala, Florida
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Waking in the darkest night
Enveloped in the grasp of my hunger
Slowly I lifted my body from my casket
Alone as always
My blood boils as the hunger reels its ugly head
Its time to feed once again

There you are
All alone in the park
Dressed in your punk Goth cloths
The smell of your blood hits me like a brick wall
AB negative my favorite
I slowly close in, homing in on that beautiful vain in your

You’re so young and so beautiful, happily taking pictures of the moon
I’m so astonished at your beauty
I try to hold myself back, but the thirst is too great
You don’t even scream, you slowly slip into my arms
My fangs easily break your skin
Your tangy blood flows into my awaiting mouth

I take precious mouthfuls of pure ecstasy
Energy flows throughout my body empowering me
Excitement races through me

I finally pull back
You slowly wrap your arms around me weakly
My mind races with fear
Did I kill her?
I try to feel for a pulse
Your heart was barely beating

I don’t know what to do?
I lift you and bring you home
When you awoke, you looked at me
You seemed happy, as if your eyes were smiling
You say you were looking for someone like me
A sad soul like your own, someone to spend your time with

You want to be with me
How could you love someone like me?
A monster who preys on the weak
You looked into my eyes with a fierce gaze
You told me to never say something like that again
You said you loved me for what I was

I couldn’t believe this, I’ve fell in love
With a human of all things
Well I don’t want to be alone anymore
I’ve finally found my soul mate in you
This was the start of a beautiful relationship

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