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It's a Hard-Knock Life

February 29, 2012
By Amrun BRONZE, Al Sa&#39adah, Other
Amrun BRONZE, Al Sa&#39adah, Other
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To be sent to 6th grade teacher Ms. Appleby via carrier pigeon

Here we go, my poem for English
I’ll be the best poet in class, “ha, you wish”
With a crash and a bang the demon runs in
Intent on wreaking havoc, just as he’s always been
I reach out to swat him but he dodges just in time
Oh lord I think he’s right, I can hardly rhyme
He lets out an evil cackle and pats himself on the back
Humility has always been something that he’s lacked
Just then I feel anger boiling up inside
I shout “get outta here before I tan your hide”
I reach for a weapon, my faithful brush, and fling it into the air
He runs from the room screaming “she hit me” but really I don’t care
I turn to my poem and pick up my pen, but then in walks mother
It turns out the demon ratted on me, well what would you expect from a brother.

From prisoner 002 aka Penny

The author's comments:
This is just something I decided to try out, I was going for something similar to Jack Perlutsky's work. If you really dislike it don't be afraid to say so and maybe leave some tips.

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