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March 9, 2012
By Rebecca_Tolpin BRONZE, North Caldwell, New Jersey
Rebecca_Tolpin BRONZE, North Caldwell, New Jersey
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Hiding behind a tree
Planning her next move
She can hear heavy footsteps
And the snapping of a tree branch as the beast approaches.
She jumps out and shoots a speedy arrow
Blood spills as the beast falls

She runs to it, looks it over and brings it up for an evening meal
To share
The beast shudders as it is lifted

The moon looms high
Like a warning to the other animals
She continues,
Her blond-haired little nymphs trailing behind her
A beast runs up from the side
And she shoots it through the heart

She kills because she can
Because it is her sport
Her game
And only her brother disagrees
He believes in the sun and light

The wilderness and the animals are her home
And they bow their heads to her
as she approaches
The trees greet her with a slight nod

The sun starts to drain her evening of its life
And so she takes off
Up high
To her home
She follows the moon
Disappearing into the sky.

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