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Restricted, Restrained, Recaptured

February 27, 2012
By daniec SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
daniec SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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I play Tug - of -War with you. But I never win. You don’t love me anymore but I still love you. If you give me a second chance I’ll make it better but you steadily push me away like forever doesn’t mean anything anymore. It hurts. I start to reminisce on precious memories we shared with each other. I remember the sound of his heartbeat when I laid my head on his chest while he told me he loves me. I wish I could go back and relive them, but you won’t go with me. Why! Why can’t I let go. I wish I would have realized what I had when I had it and now it’s gone and I can’t reclaim or recapture it. I ask of one thing, that you will love me again. Yes! I am recaptured. I’m held by the one I love now I feel that we are doing right. Now I won’t have to remember his heartbeat I can listen to it all night. Now please promise to never let me go.

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