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Your Visit

January 13, 2012
By redAKbabygirl22 BRONZE, Mountain Village, Alaska
redAKbabygirl22 BRONZE, Mountain Village, Alaska
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Live Life to the Fullest

hold me close,
hold me tight,
i just want to
be with you tonight.

don't go far,
just stay near,
it's because
i love you dear.

let's just laugh
and reminise
make up for the
times that we missed.

it's just one night
that we can be together,
but when you come back,
it will be forever.

your visit with me
wasn't that long,
because it was cut short
by the break of dawn.

this dream will come back
to me another night,
you'll stay with me
'til morning's light.

it's good for
you to be near,
oh, how i wish
you were here.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this was these dreams i've been havin of my oldest brother. we were real close, but he's away from home right now.
but this can be about someone you have lost, who is away, or anything this reminds you of. TNX

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on Jan. 27 2012 at 9:11 pm
marissadele PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
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"If you know how you feel, and so clearly what you need to say, you'll know it. I don't think you should wait. I think you should speak now." -Taylor Swift

:'( i can relate to this. Lovely job, i like the rhyming and how you set the lines....5/5 :)

on Jan. 24 2012 at 2:56 pm
Ezzallenne PLATINUM, Austell, Georgia
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"Fall down seven times; stand up eight."

This is good. I like the way in which you rhyme your words :)