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The girl you never knew

December 2, 2011
By Ambiguousnothing BRONZE, Branchville, New Jersey
Ambiguousnothing BRONZE, Branchville, New Jersey
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Age is just a number

You castrate your soul ever so slowly,
Cutting yourself short and running down your minds dark halls

She wades in confusion, her thoughts unholy,
Drowning herself in cheap thrills and menthols

Can she wait forever?
No her body cant last
Her life constantly fading,
Relinquishing fast

If you want her at all you must save her soon,
Any class she may have disappears with the moon

Self respect, ha, a distant dream,
Her thoughts as pure as her tainted bloodstream

Any man might turn their backs on such a train wreck of a girl,
But you, you know better, you know what you've unfurled

Because you're not ignorant, oh no, not you
Why, you're as sharp as the needle you cause her to shoot
You're as elegant as every fleeting tattoo
Purer than a church pew
Can't you see what you do?
To the girl you never really knew

Cause she was once a dove, happy and free,
And then she met you, she gave you her key,
She put all her trust in a man she barely knew,
But you hate yourself to much to admit it was you,
You couldn't possibly mean enough to illicit real love,
So what did you do? You held her above,
And you let her drop, you ignored her cries,
Still, you let her fall, watching tears in her eyes,
Because you're still the only one who knows the real girl,
The girl dying inside with each gentle curl,
So hurry, if you care for her life,
Give her something to show, for her blood on her knife

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