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January 12, 2012
By AngelsKiss PLATINUM, Paris, Tennessee
AngelsKiss PLATINUM, Paris, Tennessee
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You have the power to live another Childhood, so open up the door leaving back your doubts.

To expect the unexpected is never the unexpected is it?
We never know what is to be ahead of in our life, to be ready
I have some wishes and for my life to be simple and steady
But always and always are there tricks to play, twists I know already
The eternal life that flows through us must always forever be lit

From every first smile a baby gives, to the last dying, crying tear
To have something to put your faith in, to have something to believe
Maybe the cruelty in the world would ever leave and all of us relieve
The unexpected to expect maybe one day we could all or some achieve
To have no fears, no pain and the entire world would a smile appear

The unexpected to have a greeting, to have fun and yet so mysterious
And along the the trip we yet encounter so many things that we learn
We all have a place in life. to understand and to give, we must earn
But some of us has path and a past that goes so deep, it will burn
Yet some of the things that happens to us can be so tempting it's delirious

We give them our whole, our love, and trust, yet they still lie
From friends to lovers, to so much more will there always be trust
That everything was good and everyone happy, life was just
But as many things can tower, they can also fall and turn to dust
The unexpected may be "I love you" and their last goodbye..

The author's comments:
I wrote this because sometimes we all feel like we don't belong or you just have a big question about everything. And that the things we try to see more clearly just get more vague. It's about to let things come and let things go.

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on Jan. 15 2012 at 6:09 pm
marissadele PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
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"If you know how you feel, and so clearly what you need to say, you'll know it. I don't think you should wait. I think you should speak now." -Taylor Swift

Amazing poem, i love the style and the writing, everything is all tied in with everything else...5/5 :)