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choke back grizzle

January 5, 2012
By liyara GOLD, Sagar, Ohio
liyara GOLD, Sagar, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
cohere with your soul and things will be cool.

"father",is what i learnt first
then came something another
i revered you sometimes with awe
but you shooked away like dust

your son runs on the trechearous tracks
the world stings him and tears
he keeps the grimance chocked back
just one thing kills ,there
you lack

he was running on the deserted streets
we you said we go togrther
round in this intricate thing he went
looked behind just to see happy heart,s death meet

you weren,t there, you weren,t
you said "go on son do it yourself,i have things more worth to do."
do you knoe how heavy it was ?
though i don't show it and i wont

can';t you just there be to merely see?
your does it despite
oh!it's just a thing to you
but i won't ,i won,t show you crying me

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