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Broken Wings

November 26, 2011
By LilMess PLATINUM, Key Colony Beach, Florida
LilMess PLATINUM, Key Colony Beach, Florida
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I know you didn’t need me
But I know you never
Wanted to be alone
I know it’s been these words
That made us let “us” go
But I forgave you
We wiped the slate clean
But tarnished gold
Doesn’t sparkle like it used to gleam
And a flower blushes
When the teardrops fall
And then we stop that kiss
And we built that wall
Between two birds
With broken wings
But I know none of that
Meant anything
And I forgave you
For that hopeless night
I walked the streets
And I learned to cry
Because I knew you never
Wanted me
And I felt that empty piece
Where your heart used to be
And I cried out to God
For some sort of relief
You were replaced
I had to leave
My broken wings healed
And I flew away
But I knew that you didn’t care
Didn’t wish I had stayed
You never really tried
So I stopped looking
For diamonds in coal
And I thought
That you should know
That I forgave you
But you’re just the trash on the street
I’ve got people who care
And people can learn to love me
It’s not just you
And that’s what I learned
For all those sticks and stones
You couldn’t kill this bird
When the double rainbow
Plays out its darling tune
When these words are spoken bluntly
When I realize what you said wasn’t true
I’ll remember that boy that took your place
And I’ll have a huge smile on my face
Because summer doesn’t last
And neither do you
And the cactuses grow
On the other side with you
But on my side
There’s roses by the slew
Because you can’t kill this girl
Like your father killed you
So cry as you might
And suffer as you may
I’ll move to a small town
And forget your name
Minds are made for one
And hearts are made for two
But you’ll be alone
And I won’t be with you.

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