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A Ticking I Can't Reach and I Can't Figure Out Whether It's Tick 1, 2, or 3

November 26, 2011
By leaveyourdoubts_sky SILVER, Orland Hills, Illinois
leaveyourdoubts_sky SILVER, Orland Hills, Illinois
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-Know that you could set your world on fire if you are strong enough to leave your doubts. *-Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.

There's a ticking above my cerebellum
Up high somewhere I can't reach
It's knocking at my walls
Running in circles and refusing to sit
I Can Never Reach It

I shuffle to the stairs to drown at the sight
The same old clock ticking the same old tick
The hands moving at the same old speed
Because Time Is Everything

I whisper that its just a number
Time isn't on your side or not, its 1 2 or 3
If time is just a number why is it in control
You're constantly revolving around time
Time is somehow laced in everything you do
Because Time Surrounds You

Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes.
Spinning. Revolving. Retracing.
Each tick consumes me
I'm scared for you
Because the ticks will keep on ticking
And Time Doesn't Stop For Any Body

I've crawled up the stairs on all fours
I'm staring at the hour glass I've drawn in my head
The hands are ticking at the same old speed
My Heart Is Racing On Standby...

I'm Observing My Wonderment As A Passerby

Because Time is Surrounding Everything
And It Doesn't Stop For Anybody
And that is why I Can't Reach It
And now my Wonderment has seized
My Heart has returned to normal pace
For now I understand
That Time Is Everything I do
But mostly I understand that I'm afraid for me and you

The author's comments:
Just finished Einstein's Dreams. A little fascinated with the concept.

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on Nov. 28 2011 at 10:40 pm
midnitewanderer GOLD, West Des Moines, Iowa
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Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do.
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Wow, cool poem! I like the format: upper case first letter a minimal punctuation. I also like the idea, it's a neat idea and original. Awesome Job!

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