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This is What I Preach

September 23, 2011
By Gatorgalvet SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
Gatorgalvet SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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Someone once asked me,
“How can you believe in something you can’t use?
I had no words at the time
But now, I say,
“I feel Him in my heart and I feel Him in life.
I see Him in the beauty of Earth and space.
I hear Him in the songs the wind sings.
I taste Him in the air I breathe.
I smell Him in the petals of a vibrant red rose.”

I ask myself a question
A rather silly one at that
“How can my Lord love someone like me?”
Then I say to you and me,
“How can He love one that hates Him?
The same way He loves one that loves Him.
To love Him is to have faith in him and faith’s this…
Just as faith's seeing what isn’t there,
Faith is the blind man seeing.”
This is what I preach to you

The author's comments:
My cousin asked me the same question in this poem, and that question inspired me to write this.

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