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I don't know were I am or where iv'e been.

September 30, 2011
By Kayseababy143 SILVER, Torrington, Connecticut
Kayseababy143 SILVER, Torrington, Connecticut
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Drown me in the sorrow, drown me in the pain, and drown me in the self confidence you've ever let me gain.

I don't know where I am or where I've been but I know when I go home it will happen again. I'll see you but you wont be there. One second I'm here, next second I'm there. I seem to travel fast, not knowing if its going to last. Thoughts are running in and outta my head, nothings wrong but things seem so dead. Am I here or am I there, my head is saying I'm everywhere. I never knew things could go so wrong. I hit a dead end and now I'm stuck in misery, with no luck at all. What did I do wrong now because everyone just seems so down. Every story has a line, every line has a reason, and every reason has a meaning. My story is I'm lost, my line is I see them but their not there, my reason is I don't know what to do, so my meaning must be there, but I cant get there from here. I stare and think without a word. Whats happening to me, how could this be that nothing seems so tight as they were right? I am here but I gotta be there, its my only way out of this official drought. Send me a design, just give me a sign. I don't know where I am or were Ive been but I know when I go home it will happen again. I'll see you but you wont be there. One second I'm here, next second I'm there. I'm not crazy I know for sure because when I'm with you I'm just as normal as anyone else; But when I'm not, its like I'm lost and don't know were I belong. I see things so i reach, but I don't know where they go. No matter how bad things get, I just cant let it get to me, because I only got one life to live and I mise well make the best of it. No more drama, no more lies, no more pain, no more games. There wont be a next time I reach because I know no one's really there. I can think it, I can see it, But i cant let myself believe it. I was told I'd never be let go of, what happened because I'm alone now and no one's there to catch my fall. They don't know what I'm thinking, why I say the things I say, or why I do the things I do. I used to, but truthfully now I don't know why either. I don't see them anymore so I don't reach, is everything okay now or have things just calmed down and are coming back soon? Think I'm crazy; say I'm phys co, but I don't care because its not me and I know that for sure because I only get those feelings when I'm not with you. Being with you is what I live for, I never knew what the point of living was, until I met you. It doesn't seem to matter anymore though because we let go of too much. I still haven't seem them and I wanna keep it that way but I don't know if I know how to. I'm going to give back all the respect Ive always taken advantage of. You were always there for me especially when I needed you. You never let me down and I may not show it but as much as I know I used to, and I know I worry you allot but I do love and care about you so much. If anything ever were to happen to you I wouldn't know what to do. You've taught me everything I know and I couldn't ever thank you enough for it. I think for a while I was caught into a trap, where I didn't know how to tell you how i felt and that i cared.

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This is one of my favorite writing peices i've ever written. It inspired me alot to realize the true me and my real feelings inside. Hope you enjoy :)

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