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My mum

September 2, 2011
By Charlie131 BRONZE, London, Other
Charlie131 BRONZE, London, Other
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I know she's watching,I know she's there,She's just a person I have to bare. She knows my business, she knows my thoughts,she knows how often I cry at night.I don't want her to know, I don't want to see, everything that's secret about me. I just hate keeping secrets, not being able to tell, The things that scare me, the reasons I cry. She thinks she can help, she thinks she knows,But this person I know, just never leaves me alone. She does it for me, for my own good, She thinks it's helping, she thinks it's fine, But I know myself I'd be just fine.I don't need her eyes watching my every move, i find it annoying, that I can't breath. I can't leave the house, I know she'll see me.I can't move an inch, I know she'll hear me.I can't cry or sob, I know she'll notice. I can't smile or laugh, I know she'll ask why.So why, just why, do I have to hide away?

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