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Painted Nails

September 13, 2011
By iheartgoldfrapp GOLD, Owings Mills, Maryland
iheartgoldfrapp GOLD, Owings Mills, Maryland
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Your painted nails’ tired typing
or notes littering the classroom floor,
our laughter spilling over ourselves
and into

my low, steady sighs, the slow inhale and exhale

of Monday morning coffee, coconut water

choking on tachycardia and swallowing silence.
Glamour of grit and grunge
(lids sewing themselves shut),
rolled eyes and half-smiles,

my straightened spine heavy with knots tied

irreversibly, like jam stirred into rice pudding.

When the glass shattered and the wheels slid
into oblivion, yours
was the first number I dialed.
Only your eyes have seen

through locked doors at midnight, silver scissors

slicing straight lines into walls weathered with

sweat-drenched July and pale November.
Charcoal and paint dripping
onto claustrophobic carpet
clothed in socks, shirts, stray
drawings and assignments.

Lucid dreams of lost loves and floating

through nebulae; nights stripped bone-dry

stark like florescent lighting.
Punk rock mixtapes melted
into reggae and ruined with
apple juice. You don’t care

about hands folding hair-ends or Judas clones;

instead we look to April pink, rain-slick leaves,

eyes smiling over Italian ice

even when our mouths cannot.

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