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The Steel Suburbs

September 3, 2011
By WednesdayWrites BRONZE, Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts
WednesdayWrites BRONZE, Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts
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Gray sky, brown earth.
Gray houses, brown trees
And street.
Late winter wasteland,
A barren tundra
Of the northern suburbs.

No snow to cushion us,
No rain to nourish us,
No fog.
Only hard, biting wind
And an endless, colorless
Emotionless, unforgiving sky.

When, if, spring should come
I’d like to see
Or hear
The first feeble pioneers of color
Entering a world of drear
As cold and hard as steel.

The author's comments:
January and February are far from a winter wonderland where I come from--no fluffy snow or frolicking animals here. It is a hopeless time of year, and one that tends to drag down the moods of the locals. I hope this poem reminds you of this time of year, its relentless atmosphere, and the distant promise of spring.

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