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why do i love you

August 10, 2011
By Tatyana DIAMOND, Colorado, Colorado
Tatyana DIAMOND, Colorado, Colorado
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who am i to you
where do we stand
latley its been changing
but i cant go away
im loyal to you,me,us
you havent been claming me
as i have to you
randomly i ask why do i love you
things havent been good
i feel your walking left
as im running right
it seems you set me up
while i stay to fight
your pushing me away
i keep pulling you close
who are you
and what have you done
with the man i loved
i love and care for you
but i cant keep living
in this nightmare you put me through
it fells you keep everything
while i sacrifice all for you
but all i know is
im falling out of love with you

The author's comments:
every couple go through things but in this poem i wrote im falling out of LOVE

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