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Of Love

July 8, 2011
By LynellePoet SILVER, Newington, Connecticut
LynellePoet SILVER, Newington, Connecticut
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Oh lord, so beautiful. There is a serenity in your name. And it sits inside me, my very being, and it rings. A center at my core which i can sense with a peaceful mind. You are there. You are everywhere. Every beautiful thing is yours, all glory is yours, all love is yours, forever is yours. And i not understand how the ignorant pass it by, do they simply not see it, or ignore it? Your grace waits for us. You are our hope. And i suppose they do not want hope, for they fear the hope is vain. The hope is not vain or in vain! Oh gentle soul, oh confused person, come, come and seek the love that never dies! Come seek the love... the love... Why do you say the search is useless? Without hope we would wither, we would die like overheated weeds. He calls your name. He knows you.

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