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July 12, 2011
By kirakhazelwood SILVER, Keizer, Oregon
kirakhazelwood SILVER, Keizer, Oregon
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You can't lose what you never had- How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Why do I miss you?
Why can’t you see that I am being real?
Why can’t you see that this is hard for me to admit I am wrong?
Why do you give that b**** another chance but not me?
Why don’t you see that she’s killing you?
Why won’t you be real with me?
Why can’t you say what you are doing?
Why are you getting mad at me for asking what you are doing?
Why would you say that to me?
Did I really offend you by asking?
Why won’t you speak to me?
Why are you threatening me?
Why are you using my mother against me?
Why would you try to pin my mother against me?
Why won’t you write back?
Why do you insist on being like your other girlfriend that cheated on you?
Why does she mean so much to you?
Are you stupid?
Why can’t you hurt her instead of me?
Should I just walk away?
Should I throw you out of my life?
What did I ever do that’s worse than what she did to you?

The author's comments:
These are questions I have for my EX!!

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