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Wanderer's Grave

June 28, 2011
By swimmergirl5683 SILVER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
swimmergirl5683 SILVER, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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The storm was huge, the highest waves far above my head
dark clouds obscuring the sun, the sea as black as night
I lost control of my ship, let it go wherever the elements wished
felt it rolling under my feet as the wind howled loud

Suddenly it tipped, leaving me sliding around on deck
closer and closer to the ink black sea I fell
I felt the sea reaching for me, hungry
as I gave up and was swallowed into its raging depths

I floated down, leaving everything that was familiar
feeling the cold soaking into my bones, weighing me down
lost in the dark, longing for home, realizing that I had no home -
and so the wanderer died, wishing for the warmth of love.

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