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Happily Pained

June 8, 2011
By fera_lilia SILVER, Honolulu, Hawaii
fera_lilia SILVER, Honolulu, Hawaii
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Favorite Quote:
I'll follow you and make a heaven out of hell, and I'll die by your hand which I love so well-Shakespeare

Youth is like a diamond sparkling in the sun and diamonds last forever- youth group

I like the pain
A part of me enjoys it
I let it flood through me and consume me
Is that sick?
It feels sick
It feels like it should feel sick
I WISH it felt sick
It feels good
I embrace it, let it carry me away
I voluntarily drown in it
I wallow in the pity

The author's comments:
I really wanted to put this anonymously but I thought it was necessary for you to know who wrote it. I always feel better when a heavy poem says the writers name. It makes me feel like there's a real person out there, going through something as hard as I am. Enjoy.

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Anabela SILVER said...
on Feb. 8 2012 at 9:53 am
Anabela SILVER, Forest Lake, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
Be careful the words you speak,
make them soft and sweet;
You never know from day to day,
which ones you'll have to eat;

Wow... Somehow you have tapped into what I feel, good to know I'm not alone.