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May 11, 2011
By writingcheetah7 GOLD, Barr., Rhode Island
writingcheetah7 GOLD, Barr., Rhode Island
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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

So many questions
Left to dangle,
On hangers,
Shut in the dark closet
We call

And not until--
The yearned-for key
Is found to fit
And turns the lock,
Will the light of truth
So enlighten minds.

The dark closet
No longer dark;
The untouched hangers
No longer untouched;
For the light enlightens minds;
The darkness is cast aside,
The barrier lifted
And answers stir within.

The hangers do not stay
And slowly, steadily,
More ideas;
Stitch by stitch
Form around it,
Sleeve by sleeve,
Hem by hem,
Fabric patches added by various minds;
Thoughts sprinkled
Like glitter
Across this creation,
This garment,
Shimmering proudly in the closet,
The once-dark, once-shut closet
Of mystery.

But Discovery!—
For one glance at the shimmering finding,
It shines for all to see;
It entrances lovers of knowledge
And excitement alike;
Captivates the eyes and intrigues the mind.
But the closet is far from empty of hangers;
And the hangers are far from few;
For there are many corners where
The light of discovery
Has not yet shone upon;
Minds still left groping in the dark
Of the closet.
So many questions
Still unanswered
Still left to dangle,
Still motionless, suspended;
On hangers.

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