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April 30, 2011
By pamplemousse93 PLATINUM, State College, Pennsylvania
pamplemousse93 PLATINUM, State College, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday."

I am mad!
I am furious!
I will bask in the heat of my anger
I will not let other emotions interrupt
My glorified teen angst
I will die if I have to scrub another mirror,
Do another worksheet
Or even
Get out of bed
I want to feel selfish
I want to seek friendship
Only in the hum of my computer
I want to cry at melodrama
The best kind,
With the cheesy music playing
In the background
I want to glare forcefully at any well-intentioned
Being who dares to cross my path
Who interrogates me
How do you think school was?
I want to sleep too late
And eat chocolate all day
I want to forget this “real world”
for a while
I want to let the anger, the rage!
Bubble out from underneath my skin
I want the tears to flow out for no real reason
At all
Just to have a pleasing, hair-tearing, wonderful,
Day of pure angst

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