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April 3, 2011
By baumshell DIAMOND, Burbank, California
baumshell DIAMOND, Burbank, California
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Dearest Darling
I want to tell you in the sweetest words
if I can say
how a man’s love is not equal to how you feel

Sitting in a field of a thousand daisies
Wind blowing back my hair
and the band’s music beats itself to the rhythm of my pen
I write down words
I hope can send
a message of love from me
a message of understanding
of what he means

I have been there
I am there
You pretend you don’t love
but deep inside you,
you want him to desperately plead for you
whisper to you the things you hear in your dreams
bring you a handful of flowers
promise to make you his Queen
And you would then fall all the way back in a false moment of everlasting love

Do you think his words are truthful?
when drunkenly spoken
He has someone else
He has moved on
You say you seek out only friendship
I say the same thing
But we both have wishful thinking, endless fantasies
that his heart will belong to us

Little girl with the daisy near your breast
Please understand that what beats inside your chest
doesn’t beat back to you

Do you think he loves you?
Don’t respond with
He told me I am the one that matters, I always have been his everything
It’s only his charming way to get you to bed
Do you think he talks about you?
Please learn from my many hearts I’ve had to mend
There is no such thing as forever
It all eventually fades
You are a worn memory

Summertime seems so sweet
July with its fiery air
Do you think romance will kick into his soul?
that he will love you the way you love him?
It is unhealthy to not let go
Don’t blame him, saying he is holding on
He encompasses your every thought every day
Lives inside your head as you dream every night
You are such a beautiful girl
He does not deserve all of your attention
Don’t let your worth go
all for a silly boy you love so

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