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The Story That Escapes The Mind

April 18, 2011
By ayayareohen BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
ayayareohen BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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Dreams are ment to be broken until you make your dream into a reality

Courage? whats the definition of courage? Courage can only be defined by one(s) actions, yet some how we have a dictionary definition of courage, when there is not just 1 type of courage, courage adapts to the people who have courage not to the one that have negative courage, courage can be good and bad but it’s about overcoming the bad courage with good courage, bad courage is a lot easier to have then good courage because bad courage is the easy way out of certain situations, yet it starts from with in yourself the choice of whether to have good courage or bad courage is decided by 2 factors; your values and your personality; in a cense it gets to the bottom of your values, which courage you choose reflects how strong your values are, Everyone has courage, you might not think you have courage, courage can only be obtained by the one that searches with in ones self, Sometimes i wonder about whats right and wrong, like socially as in whats accepted and not accepted, there are many things that are accepted that we all have different opinions about, yet there is few to no things accepted that we all agree on yet is there a way that everyone is happy or is it ones desire that kills the people that care most about the person?

The author's comments:
I have struggled with courage, courage comes in different forms

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