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When I go to think: part II

March 29, 2011
By uchihas117 PLATINUM, Darien Center, New York
uchihas117 PLATINUM, Darien Center, New York
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When I go to think:
I go to crawl up in a spot,
I start to think of endless thoughts,
I think things through over and over again a lot,
My mind doesn’t ease not even for a moment,
I’m in my chrome safe world of endless atonement,
Walls close in every which way,
My feet are running but the world is too gray,
I can’t go anywhere I’m stuck here, I have to stay,
When I want to talk my voice slips away,
How can I say anything when there’s nothing to say?,
Two people back to back, toe to toe,
Hand to hand, elbow to elbow, worst fears,
They came to life, emotions are miss emotions read wrong,
My beating heart isn’t as strong, it’s life and light is fading it’s glow,
Although we could never say it, we still let it show,
Eyes imperfect yet the same color, hazel, look past one another in a daze,
To each his own and on an untrusting level of comfort,
Lies and truth have no evidence and no proof,
Why should we listen and why should they,
Our worlds color has been bled gray anyway,
Like someone poked a hole through the sky and let the colors run dry,
Perhaps someday we will know but for now we cry,
An endless weep of invisible streams, impassive tears and broken fears,
Traps and snares bite into our feet, wishing we could be somewhere soft,
Somewhere we could meet, we’re wilting flowers,
No buds no bloom,
Our golden sparkle has dulled to a gloom,
Our sweet smells that attract each other,
Have gone away,
I’m afraid for others.

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