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A letter for you

March 14, 2011
By ZoeRocksYourBrain GOLD, Reno, Nevada
ZoeRocksYourBrain GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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Dear soul mate
You shape-shifting
Beautiful shadow
When I wrap my arms around your ghostly form
I smolder
Writhe beneath my skin
The body beneath my flesh wants to meld with yours
Our spirits intertwine
My mind will sigh

Sometimes I can see bits pieces
A smile from a girl across the room
The eyes of a boy handing me a drink
The brush of fingertips along my arm
Each a new gateway to a universe
Possibilities unfolding like a map

One day I will see all of you
In one person
Whole and complete
When you are named
Given structure
I will be glad to hold your corporal body
Heavy with the weight of dreams distilled

We own each other, my love
Body and mind
Sharing breath and thought
You ache to kiss me
Even though you have never seen me
I am your

Beautiful shadow
You will not rest until you see my face
Not all of you anyway
That is how I will recognize you among the crowd
I will sense your yearning for a quiet empty love that doesn't ask but only receives
Among the clamor of suitors and thieves

This thought makes me feel at peace
Because I know between the two of us we can discover each other
We will cross space and time

Maybe I will ache for the days when you were faceless
When you were with me in dreams
Shifting your silhouette to my whims
Whispering bitter somethings
With each flicker of my closed eyes

But inevitably we will find our destination

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