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Clover Pile

March 13, 2011
By Marblewolf SILVER, Locust Grove, Virginia
Marblewolf SILVER, Locust Grove, Virginia
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There's a strange cloud hanging over my head.
I stared at it and it floated above me; fat and dull and aloof
I tried to move away outside of its shadow.
It followed me

I poked it then and it tried to swallow my finger.
I shrieked at it and pulled my finger back.
My finger
Stupid cloud
It gurgled a little and shot a bit of lightning across its surface

Then I saw a little bead of water follow the lightning
a tiny diamond, a minuscule loss of control for the little cloud that had grown
obese and clogged
I saw it and my own tiny diamonds slipped from my amber eyes
poor cloud, little no face, screaming in silence all the loneliness of the world
For what friends do clouds have other than more lonely clouds and the harsh sunlight

I reached up again to the mucky cloud filled to the brim with a yawning emptiness
I reached out to the cloud that couldn't even dare to dream of companionship...

It jumped into my arms and I squeezed it
with all the love and compassion I could muster in a squeeze
It wriggled and blots of dirty oily blackness shook off
little hearts came into its little no face.
"nyaaaaah!" That's what it said

Lets go shake off our darkness together
our sludge and our hate and our sorrow
until you're a little fluffsleek with shiny silver dots
cloud, together you and I
will embrace the world

Let's dance in the clover forever together, you and I

The author's comments:
Crazy Days and Crazy Nights. Fun Stuff.

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