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March 18, 2011
By firestarmy GOLD, Irvine, California
firestarmy GOLD, Irvine, California
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Boredom, boredom
Or boring, boring
Realms of a kingdom
Is taking over like King
Nevertheless, this wretched feeling
Goes away once the Queen takes ruling

Boredom, boring
Or boring boredom
Red crimson in facing
Interesting shades of freedom.
Needing the wide, green
Grass, to relax and lean

Forgetting the restlessness,
Encounter bursts of passion
Everlasting fresh sweetness
Leaving the dark lesson
In the confined area
Needing to breathe
Going over the barrier

Hectic planning you escaped
And struggles are gone
Succulent success is shaped

Growing in the strength won
Originally hopeless and trapped
Now, young again, going on a spree
Entering the oasis where murky water used to be

The author's comments:
Funny, i wrote this when i was really bored. this is only the literal meaning of the poem where you are bored and something you are interested in suddenly brings you out of the 'wretched feeling'. the figurative meaning is that the process of working hard is always hard of course and sometimes boring! however, after that the fruit of your labor appears before you like a wide field of grass, an oasis which looked like heaven when before that 'oasis' contained murky water and desperation. However, you persevered with this boring process and soon got your freedom and happiness that is worth the wait. Symbolism: Field of grass represents freedom, water ( explains 'murky water') is relaxing when it is calm and clean like an oasis in the desert whereas it is treacherous when it is murky,chalky and stormy. The 'kingdom' is Life,'Queen' is people who you respect a lot and encourages you, saving you from the towering feeling of grief of work. 'dark lesson' symbolises sadness,grief,suffering and 'confined area' is like you being trapped in your struggles. i hope these explanations help you to understand this poem in the metaphorically.

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