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March 9, 2011
By Kaneeshamai Wilson GOLD, Washington DC, Texas
Kaneeshamai Wilson GOLD, Washington DC, Texas
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My little slice
Of quiet
My heavy shackles Bolted to the bathroom floor


No peace
Where my cuddly monsters Stretch their meaty arms, and feet

And reach out to touch me

My heart sleeps

As I crawl past each Everlong day

I cannot quiet the things I refuse to let my mind dream
or My pretty mouth say
Those damn god awful things Running three legged races through My veins
The whole world sleeps
I begin to dance
My time to bleed
To think
The end of each race
The finish,
The chase
My cheek pressed to the tracks
As I listen For the coming train No peace
No sugar plum dreams
My pets creep
From the curve of my chest
And six feet down My reality refuses to sleep
The funny way my heart skips beats Like a dog with a funny limp
Never free
The boogeyman plays his game
Tap dancing against my ribs
With a funny grin
That's my heart
He curls up and hides from the sun Under my bed
Till night comes
And while the world flees
He smiles and comes to me, Strokes my soft cheek
A caress down my chest
My heart takes this body
Each night, another memory
, He picks a sharper knife
To slice My skin
If I were to wish upon a star
I wouldn't go far
But to borrow a sharp kind of sleep
And shove it down deep,
In between the spaces i can think Poke my demon
Let me be
No heart, no sun,
I crawl when I should run
My heart beats twice
Each night
Like ice
The heavy stone
The sticks that break my brittle bones
If I could rest
Keep my monsters in their beds I'd sleep, Finish the big race
And never face
The boogeyman.

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