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Frozen in Time

February 4, 2011
By shadowofnightfall BRONZE, Sharon, Massachusetts
shadowofnightfall BRONZE, Sharon, Massachusetts
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The clock keeps ticking,
As time trickles away,
I want to take it back,
Hold onto this day.

I want to freeze this moment,
Stay forever in my place,
I don’t want to move on,
Let me stay happily in daze.

I can’t stand the thought,
Of leaving everything behind,
Never seeing your face,
These fears I now hide.

Why can’t I stay?
Forever small and naïve,
The world is big and scary,
Why do I have to leave?

Keep me in your arms,
Where I’ll stay safe and warm,
Protected in my shell,
I’m not ready to face the world.

The pain is too much,
The separation hurts,
Being away from you forever,
I can’t bear to part.

Time is flying by,
Please slow it down,
Freedom I don’t want,
Set me back on the ground.

For eighteen years you loved me,
Gave me a warm and loving home,
Fed me all my dinners,
Was my appreciation ever shown?
Keep me wrapped inside,
Tell me not to go,
Tell me its okay,
Tell me I’ll never be alone.

Tell me it gets easy,
The pain does go away,
As the years progress,
I’ll have you with me always.

Time is becoming short,
Fear is taking over,
I’m not ready to leave the nest,
I’m begging you not to make me.

Say you’ll always love me,
You’ll keep me in your heart,
Whisper words of courage,
Help me as I start.

I’ve loved you forever and always,
Just let me know of the love in your soul,
So I can finally let go,
Tell me it’s time to face the world.

I want to stay with you,
But I won’t
Promise to come and visit,
My brand new home.

I close my eyes,
Take in a breath,
My fears need to be faced,
There’s no more time left.

The author's comments:
This poem is about someone who doesn't want to go to college and leave their family behind. They want to go back to their childhood days and just stay with the people they love. It's about not wanting the clock to keep ticking and for time to slip away.

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on Feb. 21 2011 at 11:49 am
blackamethyst GOLD, Centerville, Ohio
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Good poem. I think it is brave of you to point out the perspective of wanting to stay at home, as a lot of teenagers won't admit that. The longing to remain a happy child is highly relatable. Great job